cdpeAs you probably know, the housing market has changed in Chicago and the rest of the nation over the last two years. Many homes are in foreclosure, even after record numbers of people have already lost their homes. Housing prices have fallen from the boom years. Sellers must realistically expect less while many homeowners are not even in a good position to sell as their mortgage loans exceed the value of their homes.

This situation has created a demand for Realtors® who are well-versed in all aspects of the current market dynamics. Many of our potential clients are in trouble. The prospect of foreclosure is both financially and personally devastating. Hovering on the brink of foreclosure, they need both help and hope from a Realtor® specially trained in helping them try to avoid foreclosure. Even the process of buying a home in various stages of foreclosure, making a short sale offer, or bidding on a bank-owned home require knowledge and skills that most Realtors® do not have.

In answer to these problems, we recently became Certified Distressed Property Experts (CDPE). To read more about our certification and the ways we can help both buyers and sellers, click here! Are you or someone you know facing foreclosure? You do have optionsContact us today for a private consultation.