Now that you have decided to invest in a Chicago condo, you will need to determine who the best agent is to help with your purchase. The answer is ChicagoCityHomes and Karen Breen Elia, of course! And here’s why…

1. 28 years of experience. Karen has worked in the Chicago real estate market, specializing in Chicago condo sales for over 28 years. Karen knows the buildings, the associations, knows the exposures and can tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about each one.

2. Knowledgeable about financing. Obtaining condo financing is a whole different ball game than financing on a single family home. Karen knows the pitfalls and knows how to navigate her way to a successful closing. Karen understands FHA, VA, and conventional underwriting requirements. She knows the best lender sources for condo loans and which lenders to avoid because of condo financing overlays.

3. Product knowledge. Karen’s many years of experience selling Chicago condos to hundreds of buyers just like yourself, allows her to bring superior product to your transaction. She knows building history… where buildings have been and where they are going. She also knows the neighborhoods and how they have evolved over the years. Karen’s intimate knowledge of the Chicago real estate market will help you make the best buying decision possible. Contact Karen today for help with your condo purchase!